Pre Arrest Bail

When a person accused of any offence wants  protection of corpus against arrest, the court has a remedy until the guild is  proved, the court grants bail before arrest.

The attendance of accused person is must for the requisition of bail before arrest, and when the bail before arrest is granted the accused is always directed to join investigation, so that the investigation may be held properly, and all the required facts are explained and investigated enough.

Bail before arrest is heard by the sessions judge in Pakistani jurisdictions and in granting of bail before arrest the initial facts of the accusations are considered. And if any investigation till that time has been initiated the result of that investigation till that day is considered for hearing material on record for the bail application.

Bail before arrest is always handled by expert lawyers mostly these applications are heard and decided on the basis of legal points and flaws raised by a lawyer within any accusation and its facts. Which a legal practitioner can spot at first instance due to his speciality in the subject.