Facebook and Cyber Security Laws

World has recond the need of cyber laws and they have been enacted all over the world as it was essential for keeping the cyber environment safe for the people.

Facebook is the most used Center among cyber platforms. It is widely used and misused by the the people in their own interests and the laws are helping this platform to shape cyber environment in a directed shape.

Cyber security laws helps common misuse of social services in criminal activities like harassment, defamation, convenience of illegal massages between terror groups for illegal activities, etc..

Facebook on yearly basis issues a detailed report on the numbers of application received by each state. for call up report and id details of some people involved in deferent activities.When a criminal activity has been commenced the communication or its connection now a days can be traced through these social platforms. And they finally lead to the real culprit.

Cyber security laws are very helpful in restricting the defamations. On social networking platforms people are at their own will to share and write. 

When they write against someone it could come at a level which amounts to defamation of the other.And Courts are also playing vital role in interpreting these newly enacted cyber laws.