What If police is not cooperating !

Police which is the maintainer of law in society and its prime duty is to secure people and their properties. If in a case police is not cooprating in registration of crime report. Then law has provided alternative remidie for such grevience.

The first alternative is to approach justice of peace. in Pakistani jurisdictions the district and sessions judge is ex offisio justice of peace and he bears power under Criminal procedure code to order the police in this regard. and this way is widely adopted by legal prectioners in pakistan  for meeting justice for their clients.

And the second alternative option is of filing a private complaint before the judicial Magistrate and the effect of private complaint before a judicial Magistrate is same as an FIR and in this way the judicial Magistrate may order for investigation or may inquiry into the matter. And can proceed with that private complaint till the judgment.

The second option is also mostly adopted way by the legal practitioners in pakistan. In most cases where police become bias due to their personal intrest or for saving of some people they do not cooprate in registration of FIR, thus the law provided this remady so that the justice seeker may be provided justice.